The 2020 Bentley Continental Flying Spur is an exact demonstration of our ability to not only produce a single part, but to further assemble a complete solution.


Here in Smethwick we carry out the full assembly of a rear parcel shelf, comprising our own perforated …. panel. This XXmm long perforated panel, made from aluminium, is punched by our xx machine and then moved less than 100m to be wet painted to the precisely coloured matched Bentley colour. Once our part is complete, we are then responsible to glue the felt scrim, carried out in our in-house glue booth, to our perforated part. Additionally, the break light along with the wiring is then fixed into a plastic moulding and the two are put together. On completion, our finished part can then be fully inspected to Bentley standards, where following it is packaged ready for collection in our own branded and cases to be returned and reused.

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