A selection of our dynamic machines can be strip, individually blank or coil fed. Through coil feeding with a regresion tool, mass production and cost reduction can be achieved. Built within these machines are our form and die press tools, which are made to perform single hits, or multiple hit stages. We consider the Poka Yoke methodology when it comes to the designing of our tools, where they are dependant on the part to be formed and therefore, created uniquely from CAD design software. 

More complex forms can be achieved to the highest specification. Those may require deep drawn or side action tooling to ensure the final product attains our recognised quality.  

By virtue of this process, a finished form is produced in one cycle, and the part can then go on to assembly, where badges can be inserted or fixed into colour-matched painted mouldings.




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With our capabilities and software, we are able to achieve impressive forms from smooth curvatures to acute corners. We are able to adjust designs so that your form can be achieved through eliminating the risk of splitting.

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